Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Before starting freelancing job make sure you get paid!

make money as a freelancer

Getting paid for looks like it ought to be the cut and dry issue. On the other hand, freelancing truly complicates the complete get paid matter. That’s the reason it’s essential to ensure you get steps to make sure you get paid being a freelancer

 Elance or oDesk 

Even though I’m not just a big fan or maybe waiting a long time for the freelance money, one particular option to think about when it comes to receiving paid to be a freelancer is just using one of those freelancing web sites. They at least can secure payment prior to starting work. I’ve also understood that doesn’t keep you from having scammed.


I like PayPal intended for so many good reasons, although I truly like it being a freelancer. I've menage paypal business account and also it’s so simple to invoice as well as keep an eye on income which is owed. I don’t depend on PayPal protecting me personally if i don’t get money or maybe have a awful service simply because I don’t feel like it’s trusted in this aspect. I actually do depend on PayPal to assist me keep an eye on while i sent the invoice and when it’s paid or even not.

 Fifty percent Now, Fifty percent Later  

Prospective clients get a tiny worried while i ask all money in advance for the task. So a technique I’ve designed is they pay out half now and also 50 percent later. I don’t have time and energy to work with a project which I’m not having paid for. That’s the reason I ensure that I’m having paid prior to start the job. When the buyer has any decency, that they don’t normally have trouble paying prior to work began. Freelancers require that amount of safety in terms of getting paid and also I’ve found this technique being helpful.

Be Smart 

when I worked for the person for 3 months and they also didn’t pay us a penny. What on the globe was I imagining? Don’t work with somebody for 3 months but not get money! Be sure you ask for payment when you finish the job. If someone is ensuring you that they’ll pay out and they certainly not do, then they usually are not reliable. Somebody who has the money to pay you'll not have trouble basically paying you for that work you’ve accomplished.

 There were only a few times which i haven't received paid being a freelancer. I figured out in the beginning that it’s essential to have a strategy in position for getting paid, and so i usually get money for that work I actually do. It doesn't matter what, there will be someone attempting to scam freelancers.

 A few methods in the trade I’d prefer to pass on:

  •  Never ever work for cost-free.

  •  Never work with lengthy time frames without having getting paid.

  •  Don’t keep doing work for somebody who makes assures they will pay you, however never appears to go around for it.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Proven way to make money with twitter

make money with twitter

Twitter is usually a social networking which has gained over 500 million users since the start in 2006. A number of users are use twitter for businesses purpose. They utilize Twitter to maintain and observe with customers and provides them announcements about brands and deals. Individual people also use Twitter to advertise their professions, partners and services. If you're a skilled Twitter user, you may use this platform for making money. You need to be efficient at marketing and advertising yourself, marketing for people and keeping yourself in touching with trends and also current activities. This informative article will explain how to make money using Twitter.

Use Twitter as a business account.

Social networking accounts are perfect for website to generate leads. Start using a lead capture technique or offering Twitter-only deals, free articles or a trial offer, when the user clicks the Twitter link and also signs up on an account. Make money by getting in touch with these leads via emails along with product offers relevant to their interests.

Generate your own Twitter-related product or service.

Your target audience is on Twitter, this means you know exactly what they’re using of their spare time. Take advantage of this specific through developing a Twitter product that they may need. As an example, lots of Twitter users would want to use an application which allows them create hash-tags automatically, dependent on popularity. Something like this might exist currently, however you can easily develop a much better product that your particular followers will like you for it.

Additionally, you should use websites just like Fiverr to charge people regarding building their own Twitter presence. I’ve accomplished that myself by assisting many people to generate (real) Twitter followers for small rates? $5 for each 100 followers.

Use twitter in affiliate marketing:

Use your Twitter account to be an affiliate marketer.

Find solutions that individuals who read your blog would likely be interested in, then make contact with the company for getting an affiliate url to place on your blog. Each 10 to 50 tweets, add the affiliate link in the Tweet, using a high recommendation.
Online marketing allows those who promote their products on the website to have the percentage of a product sales. The manufacturers of the product achieve beneficial advertising, while affiliate marketer can get a regular monthly check for a portion of sales, if the advertising and marketing is performed well.

To Promote Kwerdo.com products

Kwerdo has a listing of campaigns through different companies exactly who looking to promote their particular products on the internet. Register to as much campaigns as you prefer that relate with your twitter followers.use the shortened LINK you are given in your twitter page through an useful information in the product. Every time you make the page view in Kwerdo and you can earn money.

Use Youtube.

If you’re experienced making videos, and then consider doing Twitter-related courses that people are looking for on Twitter. Using AdSense, you are able to monetize your Youtube articles and also make a good amount of money dependent just in your Twitter skills.

Build Links.

One of the most important points you can find through your Twitter activity can be a link to your website. There’s naturally no income exchanged using a link, although there are many clear indirect advantages; links in your articles will present new viewers to your website, and will assist you progress the search engine rankings too. If done effectively, Twitter could be a wonderful tool for featuring the information you've posted on the Web–and having other users to post links into it.

Drive Potential Traffic

If you operate a website which makes income through display ads, affiliate links, or even other monetization methods, Twitter could be a excellent tool to enhance earnings indirectly. However, you won’t be earning money directly on Twitter, but you have a chance to drive the Twitter followers into a place, where you may earn money from them

Get E-commerce Sales.

If you have a product or service to sell in your website, Twitter might be the best way to get reading customers through engaging in conversations in related subjects and or even including links on your products.  
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

How To Make Money With Blogging, Step By Step Guide

Way To Earn Money With Blogging

Are you suffering from paying your Home rent or other bills? Do want to earn money as a part time? Then you are at the right place. Because I’ll show you, how other people make money with Blogging. After reading this article you can also earn money and coaching to others. Blogging is the easiest way to earn money from internet. You can earn money a lot of ways from blogging. There are some few steps are following below.

Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is the most famous way to earn money by blogging. There will few ads on your blog. When your visitor will click on the ads you will get paid. So you will need so many visitors. To make visitors visit to your blog you have to attract them. To attract them you have to post a unique article in your blog, which will make them attracted. You also have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your site. Because if want more visitors to visit Your blog then will need your article on the search engine.

Affiliate Program

You can give some ads of the affiliate product. So when the visitor will visit your blog they see your ads. When they see your ads they will think to buy it and then they buy it you get lots of money. Like when you will sell your product in Clicksure Marketplace you will get 40%-90% profit sharing.


Chitika  is similar like Google Adsense. They have worked best on product related blogs. Their Premium ad units have now converted well on a larger range of blogs. They do continue to perform well. You can earn lots of money with Chitika also.

Amazon  affiliate program 

Amazon’s affiliate program  has been one of the big money earning system. You can give Amazon's product ads of your blog. So when the visitors will come, they will see your product. After buying any product from your blog, you will get 6%-20% commission from Amazon.

Make Money posting Article

You can also earn money by posting unique article. But you have to write 100% unique and elegant content. If your article is approved, they will share revenue in each article. So the more you write, the more you earn. Sites Like Info Barrel Is one of the famous revenue sharing sites.

Micro Blogging

Micro blogging means keyword related blogging. In a blog using small keyword you can write an article in 1000 to 1400 words. But that article has to be unique. By that unique article you can bring your blog in the first page of the search engine. When your blog will show at the first page of the search engine, then you can add Google Adsense or the ads of affiliate products. Because when your blog will show at the first page of search engine you will get lots of visitors.


Are you a professional blogger? If you are. Then you  can earn money by outsourcing. Do you know what is outsourcing. Outsourcing is instead of money write an to another. There so many outsourcing marketplace. Which will pay you money instead of unique articles. Like Odesk, Freelancer, Fiverr etc.

 Corporation Sells Page Writing

If you are an expert article writer, then here are some tips for you. Some corporate brands like (Apple, Samsung, Microsoft etc) hires expert sells page writer for their new product review. So you can give interview there by online.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Youtube step by step money making guide

How to make money YouTube from scratch 

make money youtube
Do you know everyday people watch Youtube videos more then two billions? There is a way to make money from YouTube. If don’t  know how, its ok ! After practicing this article you’ll think your self as a youtube expartiest . So Earning money at  Youtube much easier than you though. There few steps to practice it. Just follow below steps, If you face any problem, write a comments below the article. 

Create an account on google. 

You must have Gmail account to open Youtube account. If you don’t  have one just create Gmail account.

Build up your Youtube channel. 

After creating gmail account, just go to Youtube, then sign in with your Gmail account and create a youtube channel. Your Youtube channel is like a Facebook page, before creating youtube channel, just research some keyword and you can open many you tube channel in one account.

Upload Videos

Upload unique and high resolution video. So your visitor can be attract by your video. Upload some like that by which people get attracted. For that you can use video editing software. But be careful do not edit like that by which your video get a worse. For good video use high quality camera. Like DSLR. Make sure to tag keywords and meaningful description of your videos. 

Gain audience

Building an audience is key the to increasing your monetization. You need people to watch your ads on your video. You need more subscriber to earn money. Keep uploading video and share them in the social networking sites. Llike Facebook , Twitter etc. you must respond your viewers comments. Because your subscribers are depends on there satisfactions.

Setup your adsence

You can setup Google AdSense at the AdSense website. Click the Sign Up Now button to create your own adsense account. You must be 18 years  older to create  an account.  You need either PayPal or a bank account and a valid mailing address as well as other documentation so AdSense can authenticate, who you are and who to send the money. After approving your adsense account You can only gain money per ad click and a smaller amount per view but it adds are up over time.

Check your analytics

Once you’ve various videos online, being viewed and , monetized, you can inspect the analytics on them to observe how they are performing. Just Click the Analytics option in your Channel menu. Here you can outlook estimated earning, video views, ad performance, demographics and etc. Use these tools to observe how your videoss are resonating with your viewers. You can modify your video or your marketing if you are verdict that you are not attracting the users what they need to.

Market your videos in other place

Do not put your videos only on YouTube. Make a websites and start blogging, then share it social media sites like facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.. The more views get, the better you earn. By sharing the link or embedding the video on the internet, you are increasing the chance of it getting noticed and making some extra money.

Become a YouTube partner

YouTube Partner is an YouTube member who have monetized large amount of videos and get huge viewers. Partners expand access to new video creation tools, and can win attractive prizes for the number of viewers they have. Partners also get access to a large amount of community support and tips.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Make money to become a eBay powerseller

ebay powerseller
eBay is the world’s  largest online market. By this site, you can earn lots of money by selling products. Power seller is a part of making money from eBay. When to start your small business with eBay opportunity will come in front of you to earn more money. Power seller  is one of it. After reading this article you will become an eBay power seller. I will teach you how to become a power seller in this article
  • Set Your Goal First.   
You will need a goal to reach the top Powerseller. Without goals, you can’t become a good power seller. A power seller must have goal to profit -1,000$ , 10,000$, 50,000$ etc. 
  •  Decide what you actually want to sell. 

You have to decide your product category first. An experience says that aimless business can bring downfall. You have decided on your own what do you actually want to sell. 
  •  New, Used or Refurnished – what are you actually want to sell?  

You have to decide what kind of product you are going to sell. New, Used, Refurnished. It’s all up to you. People on eBay usually fit one of two categories, those looking for a bargain and those looking for something new, something unique. Selling used items on eBay can include things like antique, collectible, your basement, etc. Can be fitted into mutual categories, so you recognize you’ve a good market. If you sell new, used, refurnished item, then chose a proper category. 
  •  Should you use a wholesale drop ship company?  

A quick look at some of the top eBay sellers will show you that most of the big dogs have done two things that was part of their success:
1.      They control their own inventory (have warehouses).
2.      They sell in volume.

Build a website to get traffic

Interactive websites and also using social media sites like as Facebook and Twitter enable you to engage with your buyers.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Way to sell your stuff on eBay and make money online

sell on ebay and make money

Earning money in these days is became ways easier then you thought. To earn money one of the best policies are to sell your stuffs. To sell your stuffs on eBay is your service. If you think to sell your old cell phone or clean up your closet, you can give your products ad on eBay. To give add on eBay is too simple.  
Here are Simple ways to make money on ebay.

Create an account on ebay. 

This is very fast & simple process. Click To Get Started. Look around the site for some positive feedback. If you look around the site, then you’ll get some idea about posting ads.

Decide what you actually want to sell. 

You have to know what the buyers want most. Decide to sell a unique item, which will attract the buyer. Because your decision depends on your earning amount. Like a Skateboard you can sell at 12.00$. Take few images of your product from different angles. Your image will attract your customer. When the customers see your product in good condition on the image, maybe he decided to buy it.

Product description

You must have to enter your product description. You have to include your products every information clearly. Because if your description is not clear, then the buyer will never be attracted. So make sure your products are well described.

Answer buyers question

The buyer can email you with some question about your product. You have to respond as fast as possible or else you could lose one customer.

Paying method

Paying method is the most important thing on your ad. You have to give your paying method easy, so the buyer could pay you easily. You can give PayPal, Visa or MasterCard System. So the buyer could pay you easily.

Ship your item

So when the buyers pay you first of all wrap your product carefully. Use box clean box, so that does not contain any stain. Then ship it using DHL, UPS, and FedEx etc. 
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to make money with eBay

make money with ebay
Earning money on eBay is more easy than you thought. There are many ways to earn money on eBay. ebay is the world’s largest online market. If you think to clean up your closets and make a few money, turn a hobby of collecting into a profitable venture for extra income or establish a small business as a primary source of income, eBay offers you an excellent way to make money by selling stuff . Before you start your small business look around the site and earn some experience. There are many  things a new seller should know :
  • Know about  ebay selling fee. 

Ebay charge 4 types of fees to the seller.Types are listing below:
  1. A placing fee charged when you list your item.
  2. Upgrades for enhancing your listings.
  3. A final cost fee base on the selling price of your product .
  4. Fees collecting method through PayPal.
  • Choose the right format for your goods. 

eBbay offers 2 format to sell.In the popular auction style , your item will go to the highest bidder, so this format works best if there is a high demand for the item you want to sell. You can also set a "Buy it now" price so that a buyer who really wants the item can buy it immediately at the price you have set. A fixed price format makes your item available for immediate purchase; this works well if you know what your item is worth.
  • Market your Product wisely. 

At the beginning include your products title ,so the buyer could find your product on Ebay’s search engine. Then describe the products information accurately and clearly. Then  upload  few close-up image of your product from different angle .You have to  also include products conditions or defects , as well as terms and conditions.
  • Ship promptly and follow up with customer. 

Build a good reputation as a seller by following up with your customer as soon as the auction ends or product is purchased. Once you receive payment, package the product carefully and ship it out promptly. Let your customer know you appreciate their business by inviting them to leave positive feedback to encourage repeat sales. 

Once you have become a successful eBay seller, you can place your things on becoming a PowerSeller, a special designation that is based on your record of selling high-quality, providing excellent customer service, and achieving a certain quantity of completed sales. Higher sales volume means higher PowerSeller tiers, while good buyer feedback leads to Top-rated seller status.

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