Thursday, March 24, 2011

Earn Money By Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is one of largest PPC (Pay Per Cost) advertisement company. You can simply display Bidvertiser advertisement on your Website or Blog (when people click ads and you can make money from every click). Publisher can control Bidvertiser ads display to his website. Bidvertiser use third generation Bidding-Base System that means all Website including Flash Websites are protected by password.
Sign up Process
Go to the publishers page and then click to Join Free. Submit all of your information correctly, after submitting all information correctly Bidvertiser will sent you verify email.
Quick start
After finishing registration, Bidvertiser will provide you HTML code. Just copy paste the code into your Web page or blog. After paste the code ads will display automatically (within 48 hours) 
Some merits to Bidvertiser
  • Just copy paste HTML code and start earning
  • You can filter-out any unwanted ads
  • Easy to place many ads on your sites
  • You can cancel your Bidvertiser account in any time just removing HTML codes.
Payments Method

Display ads on your sites is Cost-Per-Cost that means when someone click your add you can earn a bit. Then Bidvertiser determined to get paid. Payment are sent by Paypal or Check and that is monthly basis(within 30 days)

So its really great opportunity to earn money by Bidvertiser. Start Bidvertiser today


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