Sunday, February 10, 2013

Earn Money by copy paste

Don’t be think just only copy paste job and get money. Today I share some technique that will make money when you are sleeping. You can earn $300-$800 per month. Before started this way you need to some important thing
1.       Your personal domain hosting site
2.       One Blogger sites
3.       Copy paste knowledge
4.       Invest your time
At first you need to buy your own domain and hosting sites, first time you can start 1GB hosting space. At present movie download site is big demand, when new movie release people use Google to finding new movies. We can find lot of sites by GOOGLE. You need to do movie download link just copy the popular movie download link then paste it your webpage, here is details……….

Post your blog recently release movie, you don't need to upload movie.You can use Google to finding download links, just copy link address and put it your blogspot site. Don't forget to give movie review, it will help search engine to finding your sites and also don't give direct link your webpage, you can use blogger.

You can use add with your download links which will give you more money. you can use bidvertizer with your download link

This is great way to earn money by copy paste, 
This is best thing i know just copy paste earning, start today and keep going. One more thing always try to post new movie link that will help increase your earning. After putting new movie links you need to do SEO by proper way. this is easy, just learn from SEO info and keep updating your sites  


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