Saturday, February 9, 2013

Make Money by selling web templates

Today I wanna share something cool about Web template, Themeforest is one of popular web templates marketplace, If you are member of any envato sites, you don't need to signup again, just login and start earning. Before starting with Themeforest you need to know the truth, if you are not professional web designer, they do not allow you to sell products.
In this site you can sell HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Joomla and more. There are not allowed any copy templates or modify templates, you have to make sure your web templates are original.
There is two way you can submit web templates to themeforest. 1. General 2. Exclusive. If anyone submit general section, they give you full authority of templates and if you wish you can submit it another marketplace. But in exclusive section they get full authority, don't worry you can also earn better then general section.
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