Sunday, February 17, 2013

Make money with listening song

Slice the pie is finding undiscovered new musical talent, where they share their song among its members, plus turn into how well dislike or like a song. It’s really most enjoyable way to earn money. Listening song, rate the song and make money, is not that fun!

How it works

After managing an account with slice The Pie, you need to log in your control panel area. A song will start to play, first listen it carefully, and write down an honest evaluation. Why you like the song? Why you didn’t like the song? Can you believe this song might be a super hit? Where you could see the song is played?
After 90 seconds of listening the song, you will move the next step. If you want to be a quality review writers, you may desire to pay attention the full song, or listening again and again after 90 seconds.

How to be paid

Your paid amount will be $.004 to $0.10 after every song reviewed. Quality review writing, get paid better. Quality review also decide, how much you will be paid
.Slice the pie pay though PayPal, when you have at least $10 you can withdraw money.

It’s fantastic easy, if you want to be great music review writer, before on air the radio put your recode on. What you think, is not that pretty?  So listen, write and get paid. Start Slice The Pie today and enjoy earning.


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