Sunday, April 21, 2013

15 list of revenue sharing webpages

Make Money with Sharing websites revenue

I am working online by several years and I believe article writing is the best way to make money online, it's cost free, just focus what happened around you, write it article site and get paid. Today I am sharing some article and social bookmarking sites that share their revenue. So are you guys ready for this…


One of the most popular article sharing website, but complicate to earn with squidoo but they share revenue, If you are confident to write unique content, Start today and keep going. Even if your article cannot earn revenue but it also generates backlink.


for blogging I just prefer infoBarrel, it generates backlink and also they share revenue 70% to 90%. They share revenue with Google Adsense, Chitika, and Amazone ads.


Another great article sharing website, the share 60% revenue (Chitika and Google Adsense)


One of the best article and revenue sharing webpage, I prefer Hubpages and Infobarrel for organic visitors. Hubpages also help to increase your web page backlink. In Adsense they share revenue 60% and you can monetize with eBay, Amazon, Konetera.


Other greatest social bookmarking revenue sharing websites. They offer 80% revenue with Adsense


Top ranking Social Bookmarking Adsense revenue sharing sites but link are nofollow, They offer 50% revenue sharing


100%  Adsense revenue sharing social bookmarking webpage


Article directory 70% revenue sharing sites (Amazon and Adsense)


100% Adsense revenue sharing social bookmarking sites


Adsense supported 80% revenue sharing social bookmarking sites

Best Reviewer

They pay you for writing reviews also 100% Adsense revenue sharing sites


Social bookmarking link sharing 70% Adsense revenue sharing site


60% revenue Sharing social bookmarking websites


One of the Google service, you can share blog, videos, photos. Adsense supported 100% revenue share.

Rate It All

Rate any products or write a review, for original content get 50% revenue from Adsense.


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