Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Make Money By Answering Questions

Several years I have been working online but, recently I found some websites they pay by answering particular questions. If you have a lot of knowledge about any particular subject, like SEO, Web design, engineering, etc. Before starting with answering questions you need to be SignUp and approve by the site admin. I call it like consulting, some people ask questions about particular subjects, If you know the answer, you can earn money and be a Problem solver, your rating will increase. Finally making money by answering people question is really fun. Let's introduce some of the websites they offer the same thing.
  • Just Answer: This is good for experts people in a particular field.
  •  Fun Advice: Get points by answering questions, when you reach target point, which will convert to dollars.
  •  Kgb: Do, t worry this is not Russian intelligence, but this is fun. You can get paid answering peoples' questions via text message.
  • Ether: I love this concept, you are just selling advice by telephone, you just set your rate (that can be hours, minutes or second) and you can set your schedule, when you are free also you can sell your content.
  • Web Answer: This is one kind of Adsense revenue sharing websites. Just answer the  question and get paid, it depends on the quality of your answer.
  • ChaCha: Similar like to Kgb


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