Thursday, April 25, 2013

Make money selling your own products

If anybody asks you about online income, what you say ? Most of people think, online income means affiliate income, PPC, PTC. But everyone forgets one thing, making money by selling your own products. If you have new products or old products, you can sell it and making some cash. Here is some clue about product, like old bedroom, apartment, furniture, cell phone, books etc. There are lots of websites, they help you to sell your own product but today I am sharing some most popular  websites, they help you to sell your product.
  • Grazelle: Great place for selling your old unused product, like cell phone, iPhone, Laptop. You don’t pay extra cash for product delivery. The buyer pays the shipment cost, I love these website.
  • eBay: most Popular website for sellers and buyers .
  • Amazon: Just sell your own product by trading and get gift card credit from Amazon.
  • Craigslist: Free and most popular classified ad posting free site. Here you can advertise free your own product, put a link by eBay or amazon. 

These four is great tools for selling your own product but here is some site, where you can also sell.


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