Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Make money with watching movies & TV show

After a long day guys, I got a new interesting website about online money making. A husband & wife create a website called HITBLISS, that really changes the online advertisement innovation. Viewers can get money by view advertisement, later viewer can use the money Hitbliss store to watch movies or TV shows.

How it work:

First User can build their profile adding their age, gender, location. Hitbliss help viewers with this information & showing demographic base ads and ensure that users can see the ads. The faster user click the ads, they faster they generate their income.

Hitsbliss call it three steps, Earn, Spend and Watch


Earn cash by surveys, watching video ads, and reading personal message


After earning cash, you can spend in Hitbliss store. Watching latest movies or TV Shows


Watching latest online movies to HD quality and entertain yourself.

So friend try to make money with Hitbliss, you can enjoy it


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