Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to make money with eBay

make money with ebay
Earning money on eBay is more easy than you thought. There are many ways to earn money on eBay. ebay is the world’s largest online market. If you think to clean up your closets and make a few money, turn a hobby of collecting into a profitable venture for extra income or establish a small business as a primary source of income, eBay offers you an excellent way to make money by selling stuff . Before you start your small business look around the site and earn some experience. There are many  things a new seller should know :
  • Know about  ebay selling fee. 

Ebay charge 4 types of fees to the seller.Types are listing below:
  1. A placing fee charged when you list your item.
  2. Upgrades for enhancing your listings.
  3. A final cost fee base on the selling price of your product .
  4. Fees collecting method through PayPal.
  • Choose the right format for your goods. 

eBbay offers 2 format to sell.In the popular auction style , your item will go to the highest bidder, so this format works best if there is a high demand for the item you want to sell. You can also set a "Buy it now" price so that a buyer who really wants the item can buy it immediately at the price you have set. A fixed price format makes your item available for immediate purchase; this works well if you know what your item is worth.
  • Market your Product wisely. 

At the beginning include your products title ,so the buyer could find your product on Ebay’s search engine. Then describe the products information accurately and clearly. Then  upload  few close-up image of your product from different angle .You have to  also include products conditions or defects , as well as terms and conditions.
  • Ship promptly and follow up with customer. 

Build a good reputation as a seller by following up with your customer as soon as the auction ends or product is purchased. Once you receive payment, package the product carefully and ship it out promptly. Let your customer know you appreciate their business by inviting them to leave positive feedback to encourage repeat sales. 

Once you have become a successful eBay seller, you can place your things on becoming a PowerSeller, a special designation that is based on your record of selling high-quality, providing excellent customer service, and achieving a certain quantity of completed sales. Higher sales volume means higher PowerSeller tiers, while good buyer feedback leads to Top-rated seller status.


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