Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ways to make money as a graphic designer

Today I am telling you the ways to make money as a graphic designer, some of my friends are very interesting to know about making money as a graphic designer in every sector. As a designer I got a lot of ways to earn as a graphic designer.
Here is the question, are you determine to make money as a graphic designer ? Freelancer doesn't pay you properly or you are not comport with them to work. I believe nobody can’t stop creative people. Lets ride

Sell photography online

If you are a professional graphic designer, you must have a knowledge of photography and I am you also have a camera. So get out the home and take some picture, before taking picture use your imagination. You can sell stock photography lot of websites, Shutterstock, Jupiterimages, iStockPhoto etc.

Selling web templates

Every graphic designer must have a good knowledge of web development, or you may design PSD file by Photoshop. This is a huge industry, if you are creative and desire to hard work, this is your place. You can sell your custom design, Wpthemarket, etc.

Writing Blog

If you have good writing skills, you may earn online by sharing your graphic design knowledge. But it's not an easy, there are tons of blogs over the net, people read only useful blogs, which are easy to understand. Don’t worry, everybody needs to start somewhere, why not now. After being  a professional writer, there are many websites to earn by blogging, Tutorial9, Smashingmagazine, PSDtuts, etc.

Selling Graphic product

Professional designer  always wants to be creative, when they get time, try to make a new thing. Like, logo design, social media button, flyer, T-Shirt design, fonts, visiting card, icon, web element, shapes, newsletters etc. You can sell it, Zazzle, Cafepress, graphicleftovers, etc.

Write an eBook and sell online

You have a lot of knowledge about graphic design, why not you just write an eBook and sell online. May you are so much worried, how to write an eBook, don’t worry Google it and find an easy one. Check and read the article writing eBook in 14 days. After writing an eBook you can sell it amazon, eBay, clickbank etc.

Sell Flash animation

online market animation demand is increasing every day, so if you don’t know about it find a suitable tutorial and learn. Adding some animation to your design, you can earn money from animation selling sites. Today in online market animation demand is increasing every day, so if you don’t know about it find a suitable tutorial and learn.


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