Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Way to sell your stuff on eBay and make money online

sell on ebay and make money

Earning money in these days is became ways easier then you thought. To earn money one of the best policies are to sell your stuffs. To sell your stuffs on eBay is your service. If you think to sell your old cell phone or clean up your closet, you can give your products ad on eBay. To give add on eBay is too simple.  
Here are Simple ways to make money on ebay.

Create an account on ebay. 

This is very fast & simple process. Click To Get Started. Look around the site for some positive feedback. If you look around the site, then you’ll get some idea about posting ads.

Decide what you actually want to sell. 

You have to know what the buyers want most. Decide to sell a unique item, which will attract the buyer. Because your decision depends on your earning amount. Like a Skateboard you can sell at 12.00$. Take few images of your product from different angles. Your image will attract your customer. When the customers see your product in good condition on the image, maybe he decided to buy it.

Product description

You must have to enter your product description. You have to include your products every information clearly. Because if your description is not clear, then the buyer will never be attracted. So make sure your products are well described.

Answer buyers question

The buyer can email you with some question about your product. You have to respond as fast as possible or else you could lose one customer.

Paying method

Paying method is the most important thing on your ad. You have to give your paying method easy, so the buyer could pay you easily. You can give PayPal, Visa or MasterCard System. So the buyer could pay you easily.

Ship your item

So when the buyers pay you first of all wrap your product carefully. Use box clean box, so that does not contain any stain. Then ship it using DHL, UPS, and FedEx etc. 


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